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    artemis by Sachtler

    NAB 2011

    Cine HD Pro

    The new artemis Cine HD Pro is a completely revised system, which combines the traditional functions of the previous Cine and Cine HD systems with the modern equipment of the artemis EFP HD Special Edition. The modular concept of the artemis systems was expanded by a new 1.8" post and a new 1.8" gimbal.

    The artemis Cine HD Pro has “Dual Video Processing”, which means HD SDI and SD Video signals can be used simultaneously. For the first time, the Hot-Swap Technology, a feature that only artemis systems have, is used in the Cine product range. Thus, during a battery change electrical power is supplied continuously and there is no need to shut down the camera, monitor and radio channels. Because of the HiCap wiring the artemis Cine HD Pro, like the artemis EFP HD SE, can provide more than 200 watt for the camera. It is, therefore, also capable to supply modern digital cameras with optimal power. The HiCap wiring not only keeps the power loss extremely low (voltage drop) but, in combination with the Hot-Swap technology, also allows for a longer operating time of the battery. Thus, depending on the type of battery used, the operating time can be doubled.

    1.8" Carbon Post and 1.8" Gimbal 

    Part of the new 1.8" ACT2 Carbon Post is the redesigned no-tool post clamp and a newly shaped twist-proof inner post with a diameter of 1.5". Therefore, monitor brackets and already existing accessories based on 1.5” diameter can be used further on with the new 1.8“ post. 

    The new post is using a remarkable fine trim mechanism for a precise length adjustment of the telescopic post. Finding the perfect drop down time, is more than easy with the fine trim mechanism. And it even more save, to change the drop down time, there is no need anymore to open any clamps, or to move around the gimbal or the telescopic post.
    Beside the standard post, there is a telescopic super post available with a max. length of 210 cm / 6.88 feet.
    To match the new post the new 1.8“ ACT2 gimbal offers high precision and a fine and functional design. The knurled hand diameter increased up to 2.23“, which give al lot of nice torque and more control, even when heavy cameras are used.
    The design of the new yoke and handle, is driven by softer and round shapes.
    Also the length of the handle is longer now,  for a better visibility of the monitor and better faming.
    Of course the design of the new ACT2 Gimbal is based on patented techniques, like the self centering mechanism.
    So, new diameter, new handgrip, new joke, more control and therefore, higher precision and nicer handling and Made in Germany.

    Because of the modular design of the artemis systems, also previous artemis systems can be upgraded with the new ACT2 1.8” post and the gimbal.

    Docking Bracket ACT2

    Of course a new post will need a modern and clever designed Docking Bracket. 
    The new artemis Docking Bracket ACT2, focusing on, easy handling, maximum safety and maximum functionality. The symmetric design allows  the same easy use for left or rig handed operators. The self locking clamp mechanisms guarantees a secured stay of the rig in the docking bracket.

    The pivoting tool bar allows to store tools, arm posts and the post tool. Because of the ambidextrous design of the bracket, the tool bar can be on both sides of the bracket. The two balance pins on top of bracket make it  easy and safe to move the rig from the docking up to the from balance pin. The balance pin at the back of the telescopic top rod, is made for spin tests, double checking the dynamic balance.

    The modular design of the new Docking Bracket also allows to the bracket with artemis rigs using a 1.5" post and by changing the docking inlays, this bracket will also work with GPI and other rig with posts with 1.5", 1.58" and 1.8" diameter.

    artemis by Sachtler

    the new Cine HD Pro

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